About us

CEFA was formed by a group of experienced energy industry professionals with a track record in energy supply and major project delivery.

Initially CEFA provided strategic consulting services and advice on gas based fuel solutions for the mining industry and commercial solutions for stranded gas assets.

The team soon transformed an opportunity to build an LNG virtual pipeline on the East coast of Australia into a thriving LNG and LPG distribution business and in the process became an importer and distributer of high quality cryogenic equipment and control systems.

Now CEFA focuses on both growing its LNG/LPG distribution business and developing new projects in the clean fuel space. CEFA designs reliable, scalable and cost-effective LNG/CNG and LPG solutions tailored to the needs of our customers with the flexibility to grow with them as their fuel demands evolve.

CEFA is 100% Australian owned and is the only independent distributor of LNG in Australia



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Prior to becoming Managing Director of Clean Energy Fuels Australia, Romano held various senior management positions in the energy and power generation sectors in Australia, Asia-Pacific, the United States and Europe including roles with Alinta, Epic Energy and ABB Power Generation. Romano holds a Bachelor of Economics and a Postgraduate Diploma in Applied Finance and Investment.
we’re about meeting customers needs, not creating new ones



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Gary has over 23 years experience in the downstream energy industry. Gary was responsible for Wesfarmers’ gas and power interests in his capacity as Director, Gas and Power for Wesfarmers Energy. In addition to his role as Director of Clean Energy Fuels Australia, Gary is General Manager for Marketing and Business Development at McAleese Resources which specialises in heavy haulage of ore and concentrates an mining operations around Australia. Gary holds a Batchelor of Engineering (Mechanical) and is a Member of the Institution of Engineers Australia. Gary is an ex-president of the ALPGA, holds a Certificate in Financial Management from the Australian Institute of Management and completed the Program for Management Development at Harvard University.
90% of the fuel supply chain is about logistics, we prefer to produce locally not ship in from around the globe



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In his role as a Director of Clean Energy Fuels Australia, Basil brings his extensive experience in project management and execution as well as engineering and legal expertise in industrial, mining and energy supply sectors. Basil held various senior roles for multinational companies in the engineering and equipment supply industries as well as national law firms before setting up his own legal practice and a number of other businesses. Basil holds a Bachelor of Engineering (Mechanical) and a Bachelor of Laws.
we find the best technologies and integrate them, we don’t try to re-invent them



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David brings a range of international experience in the energy/industrial, B2B and transport sectors. David specialises in the remote power generation and industrial energy market segments and is passionate about developing the domestic LNG industry in Australia. Prior to moving to Australia in 2009, David was a director of one of the UK’s largest BMW independent franchises and has held various sales, marketing and management roles in the automotive industry. David graduated from the BMW Business School at the European Business School in Munich/Oestrich Winkel and holds a batchelors degree in Business Studies from Portsmouth University.
the first test is commercial, if the numbers work then everyone is motivated

Our History

  • 2009CEFA Established

    Clean Energy Fuels Australia Pty Ltd (CEFA) was established in 2009 when it's directors saw an opportunity to share their combined knowledge of clean gaseous fuels with potential partners and sponsors.
  • 2009Early Engagements

    CEFA's first task was the feasibility assessment of a new small scale LNG production plant in North West WA.
  • 2009-2012Strategic Consulting

    This period saw CEFA become a leading supplier of technical and commercial advice for a wide range of customers, including large ming businesses, legal firms, oil companies, small miners, equipment providers and movement entities.
  • 2012-15Consulting and Distribution Growth

    In addition to continued consulting engagements, in 2012 CEFA formed it's LNG trading subsidiary - Clean Energy Distribution, and began distributing LNG to remote commercial and industrial clients across the east coast of Australia
  • TodayEnergy Trading and Major Projects

    Today CEFA continues to trade LNG and LPG through its subsidiaries Clean Energy Distribution Pty Ltd (CED) and Clean Energy Trading Pty Ltd. CED has become a leading supplier of domestic LNG with customers in SA, NSW and Victoria. CEFA continues its role as a clean energy consulting business and is working with its strategic partners on a range of its own large scale clean fuel projects across Australia.