Energy Consulting

CEFA was originally formed as a clean fuel consulting business and we continue to assist governments and businesses with clean fuel related projects and assignments.
Energy cost reduction is one of the major opportunities for businesses to rapidly reduce operating costs. This applies to all forms of energy including electricity, transport fuels, power plants and process heat. CEFA helps businesses understand how they can procure lower cost, cleaner energy whilst reducing energy usage to achieve greater cost reductions.
CEFA can provide power generation strategies for designs that are lower cost (in $/kWh generated over life of plant), provide higher energy security and have lower emissions than “traditional” standalone heavy fuel or diesel options.
We can provide support and advice on retro-fitting and integrating Renewables including Micro-turbines, Process Heat, Wind, PV, Mini-hydro and combining these with lower cost, cleaner alternatives to diesel based backup and peak covering solutions.
We can also assess the savings available from implementing dual or multi-fuel engines using combinations of Liquid Natural Gas (LNG), Compressed Natural Gas (CNG), Recycled Lube, Bio-oil / SVO, Bio-diesel and Ethanol, in conjunction with Diesel and Heavy Fuel Oil.
CEFA provides advice on achieving economic and operational improvements whilst reducing exposure to rising energy prices, we can develop a strategic direction on complex problems and  we have a focus on solving complex projects utilising commercial technology and engineering solutions.