Flare Gas Capture

Flare Gas Capture


The comparative impact of CH4 (Methane) on climate change is more than 25 times greater than CO2 over a 100-year period

CEFA is one of the few companies in Australia to have the knowledge and capacity to develop tailored solutions for the capture and disposal of unwanted flare gase quantities, outside the traditional low return on site power generation model.

CEFA’s virtual pipeline solutions enable unwanted waste gases to be cleaned, stored and either used on site for mobile equipment (if applicable), or transported and injected into gas gathering lines, high pressure gas pipelines or delivered direct to the end user.

  • Zero flaring of waste gases

  • Little or no capital investment by gas producer

  • Reduction in greenhouse gas emissions

  • Reduction in potential environmental liability

  • Additional revenue for gas producers

  • Provide low cost fuel for local industry

  • Support further well and pipeline development programs

  • Fuel for on site or mobile operations

CEFA will treat, dehydrate and compress or liquefy flared or vented natural gas and transport it using our CNG/LNG virtual pipelines to a satellite station where we safely re-gasify the LNG or regulate the CNG down to pipeline pressure for eventual consumption by industrial and commercial customers in the region.

We can also advise upstream energy producers on saving further costs by utilising their own waste gas as a fuel for their drilling, transport, remote power generation and other operational needs.

Fugitive gas emissions refers to the escape of gases when coal is mined both in open cut and underground operations, and also the gases that escape from the production of oil and gas