LPG Solutions

LPG (Liquified Petroleum Gas) is generally comprised of either Propane, Butane or a mixture of the two.

It is an excellent energy source if your business is not connected to the main natural gas network and is often used as a transport fuel (called Autogas or Automix).

The benefits of using LPG over traditional fuels such as Diesel include cost savings and carbon reductions.

We source our LPG from existing large scale refineries, extraction plants or import terminals located all over Australia and transport it via our fleet of delivery vehicles to our customers

We currently supply LPG in bulk to small and large commercial users in a number of States in Australia for heating, industrial processes and transport (powering fork lift trucks and Autogas cars) purposes.

We also design, supply, install, commission, own and operate LPG bulk storage tanks, forklift cylinder filling and vehicle refuelling equipment.

We can make the process to switch from your current LPG supplier or move to LPG as a lower cost, cleaner and greener fuel hassle free.