CEFA introduces LNG/diesel fuel conversion proposition for mining equipment

Dec 2019

CEFA has collaborated with a well-known Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) for mobile mining equipment to develop a unique value proposition for the conversion of large mining equipment to dual fuel LNG/diesel.

CEFA’s OEM partner has commercialised dual fuel technology for a number of mobile equipment models in use in the mining sector in Australia. The conversion kits are able to substitute up to 85 percent of diesel with LNG without negatively impacting overall performance. Operating on LNG can help mining companies lower both operating costs and emissions from day to day operations.

CEFA’s unique value proposition unlocks immediate operational expenditure savings for mines, provides fuel price certainty and security of supply as well as significant emissions reductions (CO2, NOx, SO2, particulates). It also provides a buffer against the impact of a possible reduction in diesel fuel excise rebate.