The Benefits of LNG

LNG is a clean, reliable and safe energy source. Useful for a variety of applications, without compromising on efficiency.


25-30% lower CO2 emissions than diesel.
No particulate emissions.
No sulphur emissions.
No ground contamination.
Improved local air quality.


Increased fuel security and increased inventory.
Australian resource, not imported like diesel.


Long term stable pricing.
Typically 30% lower cost than diesel.


Can be transported long distances.
Equipment can be relocated (unlike a gas pipeline).
Suitable for small or large quantities.

Regional Benefits

CEFA’s LNG projects will deliver significant benefits locally.


CEFA and I Squared will invest in excess of $100 m in the LNG production plants and associated LNG infrastructure to build a long term local business that will provide a lower emissions fuel to the regions.

01. Lower regional energy costs.

Will underpin continued investment in new mining projects, as well as potentially prolonging the life of existing operations and supporting local commercial operations.

02. Long-term investment.

Will create local jobs during construction and long term operation (30+ years) of the facilities, as well as bringing new skills to the local workforce.

03. Significant reduction in CO2 and particulate emissions.

Will improve local air quality and reduce the impact of mining and transport on the environment.