The Mid-West LNG Hub will be a new state of the art LNG production hub in Mount Magnet supplying LNG as a lower emission fuel for generating electricity at mines and remote communities across the region. It will provide a greener alternative to diesel with reduced energy costs and lower greenhouse gas emissions.
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Gas sourced from West Australia’s vast resources and delivered to Mid-West LNG Hub via existing pipeline network


Mid-West LNG Hub cleans and cools the gas into liquid (LNG) concentrating the energy contained in 1 cubic meter 600 times


LNG delivered via road tanker to satellite facilities at mines and remote communities across the region and used as a cleaner alternative to diesel

LNG Hub production capacity of up to
100,000 tonnes per annum

investment in the region

Delivery range of over
1,000km from Mount Magnet

Displace up to
3 billion litres
of imported oil/diesel over 25 years

Reduce customers’ CO2-e emissions by over
2 million tonnes over 25 years

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