• The Mid-West LNG Hub will be a new state of the art LNG production hub in Mount Magnet, approximately 300 kilometres East of Geraldton. It will supply LNG as a lower emission fuel for generating electricity at mines and remote communities across the region.
  • The Hub will provide a greener alternative to diesel with reduced energy costs and lower greenhouse gas emissions. It is expected to make its first LNG deliveries to customers during the third quarter of 2021.
Supporting regional industries and communities

Mount Magnet has excellent transport links, existing access to gas pipeline infrastructure, and proximity to remote power customers. With access to natural gas, pipeline transport capacity and a long-term site lease for the plant, the Hub will link energy users within 1,000 kilometres to vast natural gas resources.

The Hub will boost local industry and the economy, creating local jobs during construction and long-term operation, as well as bringing new skills to the local workforce.
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Cleaner energy - sourced, processed, stored and delivered

Gas sourced from West Australia’s vast resources and delivered to Mid-West LNG Hub via existing pipeline network


Mid-West LNG Hub cleans and cools the gas into liquid (LNG) concentrating the energy contained in 1 cubic meter 600 times


LNG delivered via road tanker to satellite facilities at mines and remote communities across the region and used as a cleaner alternative to diesel

LNG Hub production capacity of up to
250 tonnes per day

investment in the region

Delivery range of over
1,000km from Mount Magnet

Displace up to
6 billion litres
of imported oil/diesel over 25 years

Reduce customers’ CO2-e emissions by over
4 million tonnes over 25 years

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