Clean Energy Fuels Australia (CEFA) has been acquired by global infrastructure fund I Squared Capital (ISQ) paving the way for the development of an Energy Transition Platform focused on reducing the carbon footprint of energy intensive industries in Australia. Read More
Global infrastructure fund I Squared Capital (ISQ) has acquired Perth-based Clean Energy Fuels Australia (CEFA) and is backing the team to develop an Energy Transition Platform focused on reducing the carbon footprint of energy intensive industries in Australia. Read More
Approval for the development by CEFA of the Mid-West LNG Hub at Mount Magnet, approximately 350 kilometres East of Geraldton in regional WA, was confirmed by the Western Australian Planning Commission (WAPC) in November 2020. Read More
Industry and remote communities in Western Australia’s Mid-West region stand to benefit from reduced energy costs and lower greenhouse gas emissions with plans for a state-of-the-art liquefied natural gas (LNG) production hub. Read More
CEFA has successfully recommissioned its LNG storage and regasification facility at a long-term mining customer in the Cobar region of New South Wales. Read More
Liquified natural gas (LNG) is the perfect partner for renewables in remote power operations. Traditional gas pipelines require a long-term commitment on firm gas transportation capacity, which must be closely matched to a customer’s peak hourly energy demand (without renewables operating) or risk gas, and thus power, not being available when it is needed. Read More
CEFA has signed a contract with its LNG technology partner for the design, engineering and supply of a modular small-scale LNG plant set for construction at Mount Magnet in WA’s Mid-West region later this year.   The LNG technology partner is an experienced and innovative specialist headquartered in North America. Read More
CEFA has collaborated with a well-known Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) for mobile mining equipment to develop a unique value proposition for the conversion of large mining equipment to dual fuel LNG/diesel. CEFA’s OEM partner has commercialised dual fuel technology for a number of mobile equipment models in use in the mining sector in Australia. Read More
CEFA has executed an Early Works Agreement (EWA) with APA Group and Horizon Power for the provision of services in relation to a new Mount Magnet lateral off-take point on the Mid-West Gas Pipeline (MWP). Read More
CEFA has selected Mount Magnet as the location for its proposed first WA-based  LNG Hub.  The town is located in the heart of WA’s Mid-West region, around 350km east of Geraldton and operates as a major service centre for the region’s many remote mining operations. Read More