CNG Solutions

Compressed Natural Gas

CNG is a lower cost, cleaner, greener alternative to diesel fuel, particularly for light vehicles, remote power generation and industry in isolated locations

CNG pressure in context

  • Bicycle Tyre1%
  • Scuba Tank23%
  • CNG Cylinder25%
  • High Pressure Scuba Tank30%
  • Diesel Engine Fuel Injector100%

C E F A work with leading technology suppliers to build own and operate CNG virtual pipelines, bringing the benefits of low cost, cleaner burning natural gas to business across australia.

Our virtual pipelines are cost-effective, efficient, flexible and reliable supply chains that provide commercial consumers access to natural gas in remote locations and with comparatively short term contracts.

Our modular solution allows the virtual pipeline to be expanded or contracted to suit the customer’s needs and to be relocated should a more preferable location be found for either customer or gas supply.

With our unique solution natural gas (as CNG) can be economically delivered to any volume customer within range of a gas supply point (including biogas, bio-methane, landfill and coal mine gases) to be used as a lower cost, cleaner and greener fuel for many applications.

Our CNG virtual pipeline can also be used to capture isolated, stranded, waste or flare gases and injecting them into nearby high pressure gas pipeline systems or delivering direct to end customers.



Natural gas is extracted from a pipeline, cleaned and compressed to 1/250th of its normal volume


The CNG is transported via road in specialised CNG tube trailers over distances of up to 600km


The CNG is stored on site at the customer's facility in the same modules used for transport


The CNG is decompressed back to normal pressure and supplied as natural gas into the customer's burner, boiler, generator or engine